Sunday, July 8, 2012

Avinash Narula Management Guru & Customer Mathematician

If you are looking for a motivational, keynote or inspirational speaker for your next convention, sales team meeting, dealer conference or employee meeting, you have reached the right place. Avinash Narula, one of India's most respected speakers, is a passionate and dynamic speaker who blends theory, practice and his original thought into a motivational, uplifting, enlightening, inspiring, educational and an entertaining experience. Rest assured, he will ignite the passion in the audience.

Avinash Narula engages his audience by using real life examples and personal experiences. He customizes his talk so as to relate to his audience. The audience feels that he is just one of them. Avinash knows how to get his audience's attention. He likes making a dramatic statement to gets everybody's attention and then goes on to convey his message. He involves the audience in his talk. His passion and belief in the topic of his talk combined with his knowledge and real life examples inject excitement in everyone. He captures the audience's attention and hold them spellbound. His message will be inspiring, refreshing and original. He will make you reflect, think and laugh.

What makes him such an exciting and dynamic speaker?

1. Simple and interesting thought process As a management trainer, professor and speaker, Avinash has had to explain management concepts in a simple and interesting manner to his audience. He even wants his books and articles on management to be interesting to read and needless to say jargon free. He says, "Generally management books are dull and boring. I want my books to be easy to read and interesting. I want to be the James Hadley Chase of management books." 2. Excellent public speaking skills Most of the time Avinash speaks extempore and without any help from the notes. This is because he speaks from his heart about his passions and experiences. 3. Extensive use of examples Avinash feels that real life examples are the best way of explaining management concepts in a simple manner. He make extensive use of examples in his talk. He says, "Examples are the best tool available to convince others of your ideas. They are also interesting to hear and read." 4. Tells a good story Avinash is obsessed with developing a convincing "story" which is logical, sequential, concise and with a smooth flow - the subject matter of his third book. As such, his seminars and motivational talks are excellent convincing stories that the audience relates to. 5. Blending theory, practice and original thought Avinash likes mixing theory with practice and experience so as to incorporate a touch of reality into the discussion about the management concept. 6. Diversified background Just like his books, Avinash Narula has a very interesting and diversified background. He is an entrepreneur, management professor, author and trainer all rolled into one. He has had nearly 30 years of professional experience in India and in United States. His diverse educational background includes a B. Com degree, an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance and a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. He has been a recipient of a number of scholarships.

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